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Gweledigaeth Clwstwr / Cluster Vision

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YSGOLION / schools

Our Cluster consists of one secondary school and seven primary schools set in the heart of the seaside town of Llandudno. We work closely together to ensure every learner in our community is given the best possible education and every opportunity to reach their potential. Within our schools we all share an ethos of collaboration.

As a cluster we work very closely together and have a strong partnership based on honesty and trust. We are currently working on the Schools Partnership Programme where the aim is to build capacity and capability across our cluster through effective school self-review, peer review and school-to-school support and improvement. We want our schools to develop as a self-improving system, jointly accountable to each other with a collective goal of improving provision and outcomes for all learners. The Headteachers have trained as Peer Reviewers and each school has middle leaders trained as Improvement Facilitators – these teachers play a key role within the project, which further encourages and develops distributed and sustainable leadership within our schools.

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the curriculum reform journey in Wales

Each school in our cluster is working to design their own bespoke curriculum as part of the curriculum reform journey in Wales. As a cluster we see the benefits of working collaboratively to support our learners and each other within the community we share.

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