Prosiectau ymholiad clwstwr / Cluster enquiry Projects

Pedagogy Transition Project

Planning projects together as a cluster is really important and one of the things we’ve learned along the way is ‘Fewer Things – Greater Depth!’

Our Pedagogy Transition Project is being led by the Assistant HT at YJB and the Deputy HT at YBWD and our focus is to investigate the impact of formative feedback on pupils’ literacy

As a cluster we recognise the importance of transition for our Year 6 learners and how they could learn more effectively. We decided to examine the similarities and differences between primary and secondary feedback methods. As part of our work within the School Partnership programme, this project marries with our cluster development priority with a focus on progression and assessment.

Having already agreed on some summative assessment approaches for example Personalised Assessments, PASS and CATs we were inspired to investigate our approaches to formative assessment and gather evidence about effective feedback.

We wanted to gather pupils’ opinions on forms of feedback to try to ensure smoother transition for all our Year 6 learners through establishing similar, effective feedback strategies in primary school to those used in secondary school.

The project leaders have visited all the schools, observed lessons, listened to learners, met with staff who have completed questionnaires. Information has been gathered and the findings have been interesting, and this has inspired us to investigate approaches to formative assessment. Over the year we are following the Year 6 learners in their primary schools through spring and summer and then as they join Year 7 over the autumn term.

We feel that this action research has helped us recognise and celebrate the most effective feedback methods from the point of view of pupils and teachers. This, in turn, will help us to embed systematic opportunities for pupils to develop their skills in evaluating and improving their own learning and that of their peers.

Other Enquiry Projects

We are working on several other enquiry projects to support our shared SDP priority. We will endeavour to share this with you over the next term. For example – we are all looking to further develop Welsh language and culture across the cluster so we are working together on an NPEP project ‘The Pebble in the Welsh Pond’.