Ysgol San Sior

‘Pob Plentyn, Pob Cyfle, Pob Dydd’
‘Exceed Your Expectations’

At Ysgol San Sior we provide a stimulating and challenging curriculum, empowering children to think for themselves and to exceed their expectations; realising the limitations of the classroom as a learning environment and the opportunities that the wider environment holds.

Our surroundings provide a rich and diverse learning environment that complements the work of the indoor classroom. The school goldfish has been replaced by chameleons, monitor lizards, chickens, tortoises, geckos of every variety and exotic frogs the size of saucers.

We aim to equip all pupils including the next generation of Steve Backshalls, David Attenboroughs and Iolo Williamses with the skills and knowledge to allow them to become responsible and active citizens as they proceed onto the next stage of their education.

Ysgol San Sior Curriculum Rationale